A Promotion You Could Dance To

Music Downloads, Telecom, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Getting customers to reply to surveys can sometimes present a challenge. That's why Verizon® decided to use Digital Reward Cards as an incentive to entice respondents.

The company mailed out custom-branded Music Downloads Cards to its clientele, which led them to a Verizon landing page. The page prompted customers to complete a short online survey, which contained questions regarding which products they used, their opinions about the service, and how likely they were to recommend Verizon to friends and family. For their participation in the survey, customers were instantly rewarded with 5 FREE songs. While people may enjoy being asked for their opinions, they don't always want to spend a great deal of time completing surveys. Verizon's customers needed an incentive to answer questions related to the company's technology and mobile services. With their new digital reward program, Verizon was able to meet customer demands as well as surpass expectations.

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