Ship Your Promotion All Across the Country

eBook Downloads, Transportation & Logistics, Employee Rewards & Recognition

UPS®, one of the biggest shipping carriers in the world, was looking for an on-the-spot reward to give employees who successfully met the company's goals and standards. Because of the various store locations located across the country, UPS needed a reward that was low-cost yet still valuable to all employees.

UPS decided to reward employees with eBook Reward Cards, allowing recipients to download any eBook of their choice from a platform of over 300,000 selections. Due to the growing popularity of eBooks and readers, this reward resonated with the large demographic. Whether recipients chose a romantic novel or a murder mystery, there was something for everyone.

Branded reward cards are the easiest way to reward employees. They are small, lightweight and easy to ship to various locations. UPS was easily able to send cards all across the country without encountering increased shipping costs or complicated logistics issues. Additionally, because of their size, reward cards can be easily stored in managers' desks for future use.

Because books are universally appealing, eBook Download Cards hold inherent value with everyone. Using branded cards was the easiest way for UPS to reward employees for their outstanding achievements.

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