Random Acts with a Big Impact

Digital Choice, Travel & Tourism, Employee Rewards & Recognition

United Airlines® often received letters from passengers commending the exceptional service from its crew members and were looking for a new way to assure employees that they were recognized for their superior performance. The development of a "Recognition Team" and the creation of a "Voice of the Customer" program provided a way to recognize and reward deserving crew members, as positive customer testimonials would now be rewarded with a card redeemable for an annual subscription to a magazine of their choice.

To further motivate exceptional service, employees receiving multiple accolades would receive an additional card redeemable for Movie Tickets, or DVDs and Pizza. With increased industry competition and rising costs, United Airlines realized that acknowledging and rewarding their employees would lead to increased employee productivity and result in higher customer satisfaction. Digital Reward Cards are a powerful and cost-effective way to validate your employees and enhance your company's potential for success.

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