A Compelling Way to Regain the Trust of Loyal Customers

Dinner and a Movie, Utilities, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Superior Plus, a residential and commercial energy provider, delivered service late to over 6000 customers. To apologize for the service interruption, they wanted to provide customers a gift of value they could implement quickly and easily.

They chose to deliver greeting cards with letters apologizing for the service problems that were affixed with a Dinner and a Movie Card as well as a coupon for money off their next electric bill. With the Dinner and a Movie Cards, customers were given two high-percieved value gifts: a dining certificate to a restaurant of their choice and two free movie tickets. Custom greeting cards with the reward affixed were a cost-effective way to provide a gift of value to customers.

Dinner and a Movie Cards provide customers with two valuable rewards as well as a night of full entertainment. Offering rewards that are redeemable for universally appealing prizes is an easy and flexible solution for making things right and showing customers how much you really appreciate their business.

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