The Team Approach to a Creative Code-on-Receipt Cross-Promotion

Movie Tickets, Food & Beverage, CPG, Entertainment, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Whether it is to promote multiple brands and products or to tie in with an entertainment release, cross-promotions are a great marketing tool — making sense for both brands and retailers.

With the release of the film The Avengers, Dr Pepper® and Red Baron® Pizza teamed up to offer a complimentary movie ticket to shoppers who purchased select qualifying products from the brands. To run this multi-level campaign within retailers, they needed a simple solution that could be easily executed.

Dr Pepper and Red Baron took advantage of printing a code on store receipts that would be delivered at the register after the selected products were purchased.

Because of the flexibility in delivering codes via receipt, Dr Pepper and Red Baron could implement the campaign quickly and easily and increase in-store sales across various retailers, all with no repackaging costs or additional distribution expense.

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