The Perfect Reward for Your Target Audience

Pre-Paid Phone, Telecom, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Qwest®, a large telecommunications carrier within the United States, needed a way to reach its Hispanic audience, and generate more sales amongst the group. They decided to reward potential customers who signed up for a new plan with international Pre-Paid Phone Cards.

Once a recipient started an account with Qwest, they were rewarded with a 30-minute Phone Card in which they could call family members who lived in other countries. With the phone cards, Qwest incorporated even more value into their brand, as well as improved their relationship with the Hispanic demographic.

Delivering rewards via branded cards is one of our most popular delivery methods thanks to their flexible nature and low-shipping costs. Cards are compact, lightweight, and manufactured onsite in our facility, which makes the ordering and production process even easier. Additionally, our cards are so convenient they are easy to deliver to mass quantities and store when not in use.

International Pre-Paid Phone Cards were valuable and relevant, and proved to be the perfect incentive for Qwest's Hispanic demographic.

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