Card Carrier Options

Reward Card Packaging Options

Whether you’re sending out a holiday greeting or thanking clients for their interest in your company, combining Digital Rewards with a custom carrier is a fun way to connect with your target audience.

Not only will the customer appreciate the card, but they can also choose from a diverse selection of universally appealing prizes, like music downloads, movie tickets, magazine subscriptions and more. Print codes on greeting cards or direct mail pieces for a cost-effective delivery. You can deliver a full digital campaign for a little more than the cost of a stamp.

Starting as low as $0.25!

Complete pricing and custom packaging options available upon request.

Packaging Options PDF

3.75" x 9" - Flat
4" x 6" - Flat or Folded
5" x 7" - Flat or Folded
6" x 8" - Folded
5.25" x 8" - Flat or Folded
7" x 10" - Flat or Folded
3.35" x 9.30" - Folded