An Effective Way to Thank Hardworking Employees

Movie Tickets, Healthcare, Employee Rewards & Recognition

The Ohio Health® healthcare system, was looking for a special gift to give employees to thank them for all the hard work and dedication they showed throughout the year. They chose to reward employees with six movie tickets, redeemable at over 36,000 screens nationwide. Upon receiving the card, employees now had the opportunity to see six movies of their choice, courtesy of Ohio Health. What better way to reward staff than give them multiple nights of entertainment?

Ohio Health decided to go with reward cards because they provided immediate spot prizes, capturing the most of each positive achievement. These high-valued incentives gave employees the ability to choose what they wanted most. The compact size of the reward eliminated logistics issues associated with a campaign of this size. More importantly, shipping and storing cards to each hospital and medical location was very easy.

Offering reward codes for universally appealing prizes is an easy and flexible solution for rewarding and appreciating employees. Ohio Health staff now got to enjoy many nights of fun and entertainment thanks to their employer.

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