A Valuable Promotional Giveaway Just In Time for Game Day

Music Downloads, Sports, Event Giveaways, Branding & Product Awareness

In hopes of increasing brand awareness, a leading mobile phone provider paired up with a national baseball team to promote their service amongst thousands of baseball fans. For one event in particular, they created a branded giveaway to be handed out before the big game.

The promotion featured a star outfielder and a collection of his favorite songs curated into one playlist. Recipients received a download card that provided a code in which they could download his favorite tunes. They were directed to a branded landing page where they could pick and choose what they wanted.

Offering reward codes for universally appealing music downloads is an easy and flexible solution for gaining brand recognition, all while rewarding people of all ages and sparking their interest. Branded cards are compact and lightweight; they are a cost-effective way to gain brand recognition.

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