A Simple and Festive Way to Thank Customers

Digital Movie Rentals, Travel & Tourism, Customer Gifts & Incentives

MGM Resorts®, a leading luxury hotel chain, was looking for a unique holiday gift to give to all hotel guests. They needed a valuable reward to thank customers for choosing their resort. They decided to give guests Digital Movie Rental Cards at the front desk. Once a customer checks in, they were rewarded with a Digital Movie Rental Card affixed to a customer carrier that acted as the holiday greeting.

Digital Movie Rental Cards are the perfect complimentary gift for any promotion. Our platform allows recipients to choose the movie provider, whether it be Amazon, Google Play or iTunes, as well as choose which device they want to watch the movie on. Guests got to pick from over thousands of movies, and enjoyed a night of entertainment on the hotel.

Because movies are universally appealing, Digital Movie Rental Cards hold inherent value with customers. Using branded cards was the easiest way for MGM Resorts to deliver holidays gifts to all their guests.

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