A Custom Approach to Consumer Incentives

Digital Choice, Banking & Financial, Customer Gifts & Incentives

A well-known nationwide financial institution was looking to increase in-person financial reviews. They knew the right reward could motivate customers to take the time to sit down with staff bankers to assess their accounts.

Since this financial institution was executing the program nationally, they needed an incentive that had high-perceived value that would appeal to the mass market. Plus, since these gifts were going to be sent to over 6,000 branches, the reward had to be something that could be distributed easily and cost-effectively.

By using branded reward cards that gave the choice of 5 music downloads, 1 magazine subscription, 1 digital movie rental, or 5 Treecycler codes, each recipient was able to select what they liked best from popular content and entertainment they frequently consume and enjoy.

Plus, these lightweight reward cards could be shipped at a fraction of the cost of other similarly valued physical items, and they eliminated many logistical issues normally associated with delivering gifts and incentives to so many locations throughout the country.