Standing Out from the Crowd on Store Shelves

Magazine Subscriptions, CPG, On-Pack Incentive, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Cutting through the clutter on store shelves during the holiday season is a challenge every brand faces. The inclusion of a bonus on-pack offer can often sway a consumer who is evaluating two similar products.

When a major brand of personal care products was designing their holiday gift sets for men and women, they knew they needed to include a bonus incentive that would appeal across multiple demographics. They chose to offer the gift of a free magazine subscription, which more than doubled the perceived value of the gift set.

The brand added a call out highlighting the free magazine subscription, featured the top titles available on the packaging, and included a magazine subscription card within the gift set. This helped them to stand out from competitors because their set provided more value.

Plus, due to the scale of the promotion and the flexibility of magazine subscription cards, the brand was able to include this offer at a fraction of the subscription's retail value.

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