Drive Any Promotion with Valuable and Relevant Rewards

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Jaguar® Land Rover® was excited to announce their partnership with the Great British Film Reception® during the kickoff of the Oscars® Weekend. The brand hosted a party in honor of the Oscar nominations, and needed a small yet exceptional gift to give all attendees. They decided to reward partygoers with Digital Movie Rental Cards, thanking them for coming to their event, all while congratulating them on their accomplishment.

Delivering rewards via branded cards is one of our most popular delivery methods thanks to their flexible nature and low-shipping costs. Cards are compact, lightweight, and manufactured onsite in our facility, which makes the ordering and production process even easier. Additionally, our cards are so convenient they are easy to deliver to mass quantities.

Digital Movie Rental Cards are a simple and entertaining gift. At a party filled with Oscar nominees, Digital Movie Rentals were the perfect fit.

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