A Simple Yet Easy Promotion without Any (Doughnut) Holes

Music Downloads, Restaurants, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Dunkin Donuts® was looking for a fun incentive to get consumers excited about all their delicious products. They decided to reward shoppers with branded Music Download Cards whenever someone upgraded their meal. Whether they got a medium coffee instead of a small, or added a doughnut to their Munchkin® order, consumers were rewarded with any music download of their choice with every combo deal.

Delivering Digital Rewards as a customer incentive is an excellent way to boost sales all while giving gifts consumers already use and enjoy. With reward cards, no additional employee training is required — it's as simple as handing the consumer their gift. Cards are compact, lightweight, and the perfect solution to a promotion of this size. The fun branding on the front of the card fit nicely with Dunkin Donut's fun and lively atmosphere.

This promotion easily incented buyers with an instant gift-with-purchase, and it was a flexible solution to reward consumers for completing the simple action. Consumers were just as excited about the music downloads as they were their chocolate doughnuts.

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