I'll Drink to That!

Music Downloads, Food & Beverage, CPG, On-Pack Incentive, Customer Gifts & Incentives

Coca-Cola® took advantage of printing a Music Download code on the side of specific soft drink cups in a campaign featured at thousands of Exxon Mobile® On The Run stores nationwide.

By printing on-pack, Coke minimized the distribution and training costs typically associated with running an in-store giveaway of this size. Delivering codes directly on an item or within product packaging is a cost-effective approach that not only lowers distribution costs compared to other similar items, but also eliminates extra training of staff that would otherwise be necessary for other types of promotions. Additionally, an already limited-edition Coca-Cola cup offered free music downloads, which added even more value to the product. Digital rewards can create a desirable appeal for any product with on-package or within product printing.

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