Taking Advantage of Reward Cards for Nationwide Recruitment Events

Digital Movie Rentals, Universities, Event Giveaways, Recruiting & Trade Shows

Campus Advantage®, the leader in student housing, is responsible for the accommodations of 25,000 students nationwide. To support such vast efforts, they are always looking for the best candidates to join their team.

With positions open across the country, they often attend job fairs and recruitment events nationally. So they needed an exciting reward that would entice their target audience to stop by and talk with a recruiter but also something that could be easily transported and stored.

By producing branded digital movie rental cards, Campus Advantage had an incentive that was popular with the attendees and helped increase booth traffic. Plus, it was easy for them to deliver reward cards to events across the country. They could be put right into a recruiter's luggage, resulting in no shipping or handling fees.

Branded Digital Reward cards were a very easy and effective way to thank attendees for their time and helped Campus Advantage have a steady flow of potential candidates at the various events.

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