The Big Way to Give a Reward at the Big Game

Music Downloads, Automotive, Event Giveaways, Branding & Product Awareness

To help promote their partnership with the NFL® and extend the reach of their brand, Bridgestone®, the international tire manufacturer, sponsored the Halftime Show of the Big Game.

They wanted to provide game attendees with a giveaway item, but this item needed to be a gift that was widely appealing and something that could be transported to and distributed throughout the stadium easily.

Since the Halftime Show is so centered on music and always includes top recording industry performers, Bridgestone chose to give out branded music download cards. Each recipient was able to download their choice of songs from millions of available tracks, making this a simple way to provide each attendee with a fun, customizable reward.

Plus, thanks to their naturally lightweight and compact design, branded reward cards were a simple and affordable to ship, store and hand out at the event.

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