Boost Office Morale with Employee Rewards

Digital Movie Rentals, Manufacturing, Employee Rewards & Recognition

BASF, the world's leading chemical company, needed a way to generate employee excitement and boost office morale at the end of each business quarter. In order to do so, BASF decided to reward employees with Digital Movie Rentals Cards, which allowed each recipient to stream any movie of their choice. Any time an employee demonstrated superior office behavior, they were given this on-the-spot reward.

Digital Movie Rental Cards allow recipients to watch their favorite movie from the three streaming platforms, Google Play, iTunes or Amazon. With hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, there is sure to be a film for everyone. Using branded reward cards for on-the-spot rewards is a simple yet easy way to motivate employees with valuable and relevant rewards. Branded cards are small, lightweight, and easy to ship to many locations. They are also small enough to fit in a desk, which makes it easy for managers to present them for on-the-spot use.

Offering reward codes for universally appealing prizes is an easy and flexible solution for rewarding and appreciating employees.

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