A Gift with Purchase That's Never Fit Better

Retail Customer Gifts & Incentives

American Eagle®, a leading clothing retailer for young adults and teens, was looking for a unique way to promote their jeans, the brand's most coveted item of clothing. The store decided to hand out reward cards that offered one custom phone skin to every shopper as a gift with purchase. American Eagle customers were now able to customize a phone skin with their choice of image to match the size of their hand held device.

Delivering rewards via branded cards is one of our most popular delivery methods thanks to their flexible nature and low-shipping costs. Cards are compact, lightweight, and manufactured onsite in our facility, which makes the ordering and production process even easier. Additionally, our cards are so convenient they are easy to deliver to mass quantities and store when not in use.

Because everyone owns some type of handheld device, custom skin cards hold inherent value with consumers. Using branded cards is the easiest way to deliver rewards for many promotions.