Something to Look Forward to During Tax Season

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ADP®, a company that provides comprehensive payroll services, needed a way to thank CPAs for referring payroll business to their company. In the height of tax season, they needed a reward that was simple and easy, yet valuable enough to show appreciation for their clients.

They decided to thank CPAs by giving them branded $150 eGift Card Reward Cards. Each reward card allowed recipients to pick an online gift card to any retailer of their choice. Our extensive list of over one hundred online retailers includes everything from popular restaurants to high-end clothing stores. Each CPA now had $150 to spend at one of their favorite locations.

Branded reward cards are the easiest way to reward employees for their actions. Cards are small, lightweight, and easy to ship to multiple locations. Regardless of where the client lived, ADP was able to send them a valuable reward at a low-cost price, eliminating logistics issues. Additionally, because there are so many different online retailers to choose from, each recipient got to pick exactly what they wanted.

ADP's choice of using branded cards brought high value to their clients, and gave them the ability to choose a universally appealing reward of their choice. Being rewarded with $150 eGift Cards made tax season a little more bearable!

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