A Unique Way to Motivate Employees

Total Choice, Manufacturing, Customer Gifts & Incentives

3M, a multinational conglomerate corporation, needed a simple way to increase business activity among their sales team. With numbers being lower than usual, the business giant needed an appealing way to get their team back on track. They decided to reward top employees who had the most sales activity with $25 eGift Cards that could be used at any online retailer of their choice.

Each card provided a code, and with this code, employees were directed to a custom-branded landing page. From there, they were able to choose the store in which they wanted to receive their gift card from. Our extensive list of participating vendor includes everything from online shopping giants, to delicious restaurants, all the way to designer shoes and clothing.

3M was able to increase consumer calls, showing samples, and overall business activity with this incentive program. Offering reward cards for universally appealing prizes is an easy and flexible solution for rewarding and appreciating employees all while increasing sales for any business.

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